Mass Effect 2:Digital Deluxe Edition purchase on Origin Store

Posted: July 14, 2011 in De thingz i buY

EA’s succesor to its not so efficient “EA Download Manager” was ORIGIN.Accessible through ORIGIN lets players purchase digital downloads of EA games.

Its pretty much the same Steam or PSN or XBOX Marketplace has been doing all these years,except this is gonna be just for games by EA.So what is the catch?What is the USP of launching an yet another store limited to only EA’s games?Well,from the company’s point of view,they no longer have to pay any fees to third party on-line retailers and this helps them get the cash straight to their pockets.But for the consumers,end users AKA gamers,ORIGIN promises to offer exclusive contents/DLCs available only through this portal.

Well its too early to decide how big of a revenue EA has planned to make of this plan but my visit to this store was purely selfish and I somehow wanted to purchase mass effect2 but at an effective cost,the store sold it for Rs.999 ~ 22 $ and for a limited time it offered a flat discount of 50% on all its products till 19th of July.The Promo code is:ORIGIN7384

Bought MF2:Deluxe Edition which offers ingame goodies,comics,making and the usual stuff a digital deluxe edition offers and all this came to 499 ~ 11 $ and am telling u,that is one helluva deal!

EA has got good line up of games coming up,origin store might turn out to be a success only based upon the success of these games.So only time will tell,if ORIGIN gets to see the light.


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