Aliens Vs Predator[2010] gets real and promising

Posted: July 6, 2011 in De thingz i buY

Aliens/Predators/Marines are probably a great trinity when it gets down to foolproof entertainment.Predators and Aliens have with them different origin and development plots for their race which has been reinvented by many movies and games.This is one installment I had long been waiting to buy since the first trailer for the game came out.The graphics looked promising and so did the gameplay elements.

But for some reason or the other,even after the game’s release – me buying the game just kept getting postponed.One reason though was the review from gamespot and IGN.But I still had faith in the User reviews and they had reached 8/10 in the afore mentioned websites itself.

The Game requires a hefty 16 GB of hard drive space to install.And hence I prefered not getting a digital download and go for the retail store copy.But a sale came up in steam selling the game at 4.99$ ! And that was a real steal! Bought the game right away,waited for a day and half to get the download complete and start with the Marine campaign.

The Game was simply incredible.Three campaign modes for each of the races,each made me spend 4-5 hrs on them.I completed Marines – Predator – Alien in that order.

A total gameplay time of 16 hrs is what i took including loo and food breaks.The Game ended with a “Game-Over Man!” steam achievement.I explored the multiplayer element for sometime but the maps where too restricted and there were two DLC which were multiplayer maps.But I had better multiplayer games to try than on a game which was meant to perform better in SP.


  1. Amazing graphics
  2. Incredibly detailed environment and characters
  3. Flawless storyline which falls into sync with all the races
  4. Direct X 11 support and HD Surround Audio


  1. None in particular,lacks engaging multiplayer modes
  2. Extras could have been tweaked to offer more content than just radio transmissions.

Worth the buck and  a great piece of game.Highly Recommend this game. \m/


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