My Crysis 2 Pre-order (TM!)

Posted: May 11, 2011 in De thingz i buY

It was a bold decision…I liked Crysis.I wasn’t a die hard fan nor wanted to give the game a miss.

When Crysis came out,it demanded to squeeze the juice out of your hardware to run in acceptable frame rates.Since then,graphic card reviews got crysis specs added onto them as a comparision factor.Well,thats one thing which I can remember about crysis and the other is the encounter with the final boss which had a serious bug and I had to wait for a week to wait for the fix to arrive!

Never got to play Crysis:Warhead…So it was straight to Crysis 2.

It was a bold decision,the genuine reason was whether my Dec 2008 purchased HP pavilion DV5 could manage to run this sequel which was again slated to be a benchmarking game.The game arrived to me on 28th March as against the 25th March release date.The Limited edition was here!

There were 3 graphic configurations,high – Very high and Extreme.There wasnt a low or medium.I set the graphics at high and kept my fingers crossed.

Well,my laptop was happily running the game…It won the first war!I was playing crysis at a very good framerate and the gamer in me was happy!

Now onto the multiplayer…I had to unlock the limited edition features..special authentication using one’s EA account is neccessary to activate the content.I got them unlocked and multiplayer too ran without a glitch.

As and when I write this….I am half way through with 3 games…Bioshock I,Portal 2 and Crysis 2.

Crysis Completion status – 13/16 chapters…I shall write a seperate review if I get the time as time was a crysis when I wrote this! :)


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