EA’s succesor to its not so efficient “EA Download Manager” was ORIGIN.Accessible through store.origin.com ORIGIN lets players purchase digital downloads of EA games.

Its pretty much the same Steam or PSN or XBOX Marketplace has been doing all these years,except this is gonna be just for games by EA.So what is the catch?What is the USP of launching an yet another store limited to only EA’s games?Well,from the company’s point of view,they no longer have to pay any fees to third party on-line retailers and this helps them get the cash straight to their pockets.But for the consumers,end users AKA gamers,ORIGIN promises to offer exclusive contents/DLCs available only through this portal.

Well its too early to decide how big of a revenue EA has planned to make of this plan but my visit to this store was purely selfish and I somehow wanted to purchase mass effect2 but at an effective cost,the store sold it for Rs.999 ~ 22 $ and for a limited time it offered a flat discount of 50% on all its products till 19th of July.The Promo code is:ORIGIN7384

Bought MF2:Deluxe Edition which offers ingame goodies,comics,making and the usual stuff a digital deluxe edition offers and all this came to 499 ~ 11 $ and am telling u,that is one helluva deal!

EA has got good line up of games coming up,origin store might turn out to be a success only based upon the success of these games.So only time will tell,if ORIGIN gets to see the light.


Aliens/Predators/Marines are probably a great trinity when it gets down to foolproof entertainment.Predators and Aliens have with them different origin and development plots for their race which has been reinvented by many movies and games.This is one installment I had long been waiting to buy since the first trailer for the game came out.The graphics looked promising and so did the gameplay elements.

But for some reason or the other,even after the game’s release – me buying the game just kept getting postponed.One reason though was the review from gamespot and IGN.But I still had faith in the User reviews and they had reached 8/10 in the afore mentioned websites itself.

The Game requires a hefty 16 GB of hard drive space to install.And hence I prefered not getting a digital download and go for the retail store copy.But a sale came up in steam selling the game at 4.99$ ! And that was a real steal! Bought the game right away,waited for a day and half to get the download complete and start with the Marine campaign.

The Game was simply incredible.Three campaign modes for each of the races,each made me spend 4-5 hrs on them.I completed Marines – Predator – Alien in that order.

A total gameplay time of 16 hrs is what i took including loo and food breaks.The Game ended with a “Game-Over Man!” steam achievement.I explored the multiplayer element for sometime but the maps where too restricted and there were two DLC which were multiplayer maps.But I had better multiplayer games to try than on a game which was meant to perform better in SP.


  1. Amazing graphics
  2. Incredibly detailed environment and characters
  3. Flawless storyline which falls into sync with all the races
  4. Direct X 11 support and HD Surround Audio


  1. None in particular,lacks engaging multiplayer modes
  2. Extras could have been tweaked to offer more content than just radio transmissions.

Worth the buck and  a great piece of game.Highly Recommend this game. \m/

It was the start of the may I had pre – ordered DNF for PC.It was a steal at 450 bucks…very decent for a new PC game.

Episode I – First Access Club Demo Experience

The game released on 14th June with fans getting to play the early access demo on the 3rd of June itself(I was one of them!).Well I was super exited to play the demo first – already started stacking up beer to have while playing 😛 The cutscene played,launched the game in high-res,and there were these golden words – Its time to Kiss a** and chew bubble gum – I was like “Wow the Duke is here finally!”.Demo had a decent length/gameplay time of 30 mins odd.But there was this deep gut feeling in me,a silent thought after the end of the demo,”Did I like the game?” The answer was it looked just passable! 😦 But I dint speak out,I kept the thought for myself,may be the final version would play better.So i rather waited!

Episode II – Full Retail Cracked Version Experience

The Game launched on time,gamers all over the world start playing Duke Nukem,the cracked copy was out on the very next day of the release.But I waited for my original copy to arrive.It was the 20th june,it dint arrive yet!IGN/Metascore review arrive though – averaged at 55%!Now THAT was a disaster!An Epic game like Duke Nukem wasnt meant to fail this much!Well looking into the critics review though gave me a little hope,but none said the game was fantastic or great.I wanted to give the cracked version of the game a shot,installed it onto my hardrive to just check whether the gameplay engine was as similar to the demo version i played a few weeks back.IT WAS!Holy cow tat sucks! 😀

Episode III – Duke Arrives

My original retail copy of the game arrived.The core reason for me to expect the original version was added benefits gamers get out of it.The STEAM achievements,multiplayer on dedicated servers and patches if at all the game is buggy.

Episode IV – My Review

Well,Duke kills the OctaKing and says “There Can be only one King”,sees a dead Isaac Clarke and tells “Thats one dead space marine”…I loved such moments.But the reallity is he pretty much did give out such one liners in the 1996 installment too and thats what got the fans rolling in for the game.

Duke Nukem Forever does NOT offer anything new or refreshing,period.The game design,geometry and physics are great.The textures looked just upscaled from the previous installment.No Storyline whatsoever(am not complaining).No New weapons.No Secrets(loved the companion barrel achievement though).Multiplayer sucks.The only thing which kept me going was the achievements list which were quite fun to achieve,like having steroids and beer at the same time!Well all this could not offer the game a replay value.Not much gamers run through a game all over again.But I can definitely say i will play L.A.Meltdown from the ’96 installment,atleast once in every month if asked to!But the same cannot be said for DNF.It is a let down.

My Final verdict,“DNF can be good/fun for new gamers who have not tried the previous installment,as for fans – they might like the game if they consider it as just an HIGH-RES expansion to the original Duke 3D”.

Rating – 6.5/10

It was a bold decision…I liked Crysis.I wasn’t a die hard fan nor wanted to give the game a miss.

When Crysis came out,it demanded to squeeze the juice out of your hardware to run in acceptable frame rates.Since then,graphic card reviews got crysis specs added onto them as a comparision factor.Well,thats one thing which I can remember about crysis and the other is the encounter with the final boss which had a serious bug and I had to wait for a week to wait for the fix to arrive!

Never got to play Crysis:Warhead…So it was straight to Crysis 2.

It was a bold decision,the genuine reason was whether my Dec 2008 purchased HP pavilion DV5 could manage to run this sequel which was again slated to be a benchmarking game.The game arrived to me on 28th March as against the 25th March release date.The Limited edition was here!

There were 3 graphic configurations,high – Very high and Extreme.There wasnt a low or medium.I set the graphics at high and kept my fingers crossed.

Well,my laptop was happily running the game…It won the first war!I was playing crysis at a very good framerate and the gamer in me was happy!

Now onto the multiplayer…I had to unlock the limited edition features..special authentication using one’s EA account is neccessary to activate the content.I got them unlocked and multiplayer too ran without a glitch.

As and when I write this….I am half way through with 3 games…Bioshock I,Portal 2 and Crysis 2.

Crysis Completion status – 13/16 chapters…I shall write a seperate review if I get the time as time was a crysis when I wrote this! :)

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The Title says it all…let me get started!